Neck Lift

There are many factors that can prevent you from preserving an elegant and graceful neckline. Thinning skin and lax musculature in the neck are among the chief concerns that may prematurely age your face. Dr. Scott Miller is a board-certified and fellowship-trained plastic surgeon who utilizes the highest standard in surgical techniques to restore a refined neckline.

What is a Neck Lift?

A neck lift is a facial procedure designed to improve aging in the neck and jawline. During surgery, Dr. Miller removes or repositions fat and tightens the skin/musculature that have been contributing to an aged look. A personalized treatment plan is created for each person based on their needs and concerns, and Dr. Miller can help develop the best approach for your individual goals.

What Can a Neck Lift Improve?

A neck lift is designed to treat common signs of aging, such as: 

  • Excess sagging neck skin
  • Vertical or horizontal muscle banding (platysma bands)
  • A thin, wrinkled, or loose appearance 
  • Fat below the chin and around the neck

After a neck lift, patients enjoy a firmer, more defined, and more youthful overall appearance. 

Before Image
After Image
Before Image
After Image

Is Neck Lift Surgery Right for Me?

If you’re bothered by excessive skin or fullness in the neck, Dr. Miller can personalize modern neck contouring techniques to reveal more youthful facial angles. A consultation with Dr. Miller can confirm whether you’re a good candidate for a neck lift, but the procedure is generally most successful for patients who are:

If your goals are consistent with the before-and-after photos of neck lift surgery, this can be a good indication that you may benefit from the procedure. Patients can also opt to combine their neck lift with a facelift to further treat signs of aging and maximize their results.

How is the Neck Lift Procedure Performed?

Neck lift surgery can be performed alone or in accordance with a facelift to more extensively rejuvenate the face. Through a small incision placed inconspicuously under the chin, the skin and muscle (platysma) are lifted to restore support for the neck. Excess skin and fat are removed, leaving behind a smoother, firmer, and more defined angle underneath the chin.

What Can I Expect During the Neck Lift Recovery Period?

The neck may feel tight, swollen, or bruised after the procedure; these reactions are normal and will gradually dissipate over the following weeks. Dressings or bandages will be worn to help support your new neck contours, protect your incisions, and minimize swelling after surgery. Similar to a facelift procedure, the head should be kept elevated as much as possible during recovery. Two weeks of downtime is common before returning to work, although this timeframe will vary based on the nature of your job and factors unique to your treatment.

How Long Will My Neck Lift Results Last?

Neck lift surgery treats the skin, fat, and muscles of the neck and jawline. The outcome will not “stop the clock,” but will reset it. While nothing will arrest the natural aging process, neck contouring can provide the opportunity to slow down some visible signs of facial aging and help you feel more like yourself. We encourage all of our surgical patients to maintain a healthy, active lifestyle to further maximize the longevity of the final outcome. Smoking, weight gain, and unprotected sun exposure can all thin the skin and contribute to reduced elasticity; therefore, our team recommends the following to preserve your results:

Will I Have Visible Neck Lift Scars?

In general, scars from neck lift surgery are inconspicuous and relatively undetectable to outside observers. Dr. Miller camouflages incisions in discreet areas, such as underneath the chin, and within the natural contours of the lower face whenever possible. You can be confident that Dr. Miller will show you where surgical incisions will be made during your consultation. While scarring from any surgical procedure is inevitable, the scars from neck lift surgery are generally well-hidden and fade over time.

How Much Does a Neck Lift Cost?

It’s difficult to provide an exact cost figure without Dr. Miller evaluating your individual needs; therefore, our team is happy to discuss the price of a neck lift with you further during your consultation. Simply contact our practice to learn more about neck lift expenses or our financing options with CareCredit®, which can allow qualified patients to pay for their surgery through a series of more affordable installments rather than a lump sum.